Biotech and Pharma News Editor (UK-based)

TITLE: Biotech and Pharma News Editor (UK-based) 

SALARY: £55-85,000 

LOCATION: United Kingdom

Experience: 5+ years

DESCRIPTION: Endpoints News is seeking a UK-based editor to work closely with our US team on our daily news and longer-term coverage planning. 

We’re an ambitious specialty publication with more than 160,000 subscribers, and we publish three newsletters a day covering the waterfront in the biopharma industry. In the role, you’ll help drive our industry-leading coverage of the most important breaking news, as well as work on scoops and smart analysis. 

We start early in the US morning, and a typical day will involve coordinating with our Asia team to spot breaking news and then working with our US reporters as they log on. We cover everything that matters in biopharma: fast news hits, complex medical studies, major M&A deals, VC fundraising and corporate layoffs and reorganizations. 

You’ll help journalists find the right angle for the story, talk through reporting and writing, and work on their copy. As the day goes on and the pace of breaking news abates, you’ll hand off our coverage to the rest of the US team and have opportunities to get involved in longer-lead projects.

Our newsroom includes approximately 20 reporters and editors, and we expect to grow substantially this year. As one of our editors, you’ll work with our more experienced journalists as well as early-career reporters who are still learning the beat, and we’re looking for candidates with a passion for helping people grow their careers and their skills. In turn, we’ll expand your horizons as an editor and give you a chance to get involved in ambitious, complex and competitive journalism.

Candidates should have 5+ years of editing experience, and time at a specialty publication, trade publication or newswire. Experience editing or writing about biopharma and business is a major advantage. The role will work closely with our deputy editor for newsletters and report to our executive editor.


Endpoints News, a leading B2B media company, was founded in 2016 with a clear mission: deliver the best news product in biopharma and become an essential read for industry leaders across the globe. Seven years later, we now have 164,000 subscribers and a team of journalists and staff in the US, Europe, and Asia. We’re read daily by thousands of innovative biotechs and every top 50 pharmaceutical company in the world. Our editorial ambitions continue to grow as we complement our breaking news and daily analysis with original scoops, in-depth features and live journalism at the industry’s most important gatherings.

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